SVG Rugby 7s January 2022 - Calliaqua, St Vincent

Referees: Leonard Mathews and Kemi Francois

Invaders  B vs Sharks B - Juniors

Invaders B win 36 to 12

Try scorers for Invaders: Kaif Wesfield 1, Rod Laborde 1, Klyvbert Browne 3, Adrian Sam 1

Conversions for Invaders: Ajay Delpeache 3

 The try scorers for Sharks: Ciaman Griffith 1 and Kevin Cain, a penalty try (which equals 7 points)

Invaders A vs Pirates - Seniors

Invaders A win 33 to 29

Try scorers for Invaders: Brian Alexander 2, Cyprian Montrope 1 Jonti Bowens 1, Dougal James 1

Conversions for Invaders A: Brian Alexander 4

Try scorers for Pirates: Dellon Durrant 3, Raydony Williams 2

Conversions for Pirates: Justin Title 4

Invaders B vs Sharks B

Invaders win 33 to 26

Try scorers for Invaders B: Kaif Westfield 3, Ajay Delpeache 1, Adrian Sam 1

Conversions for Invaders B: Ajay Delpeache 4

Try scorers for Sharks B: are Kyle Matthews 3 (inc. a penalty try), Gidroy Theobalds 1 penalty try

Conversions for Sharks B: Kevin Caine 1


Rugby 22 9.jpeg