Opportunities for Young People

Young Persons (Aged 18-35) interested in getting involved in growing Rugby in St. Vincent are encouraged to apply for the YES programme thru the Ministry of Youth. The YES programme is a government scheme devised to assist young people in sports and education through 1 year paid internships. YES Trainees are assigned to schools to teach PE. Any one interested in participating in the YES programme, specifically to teach rugby at schools, are encouraged to contact the SVG Rugby Executive Board

Local Sports Coaches

All Sports Coaches or Physical Education Teachers working for the Ministry of Education, Sports Department, or local Sports Associations interested in learning the sport of rugby are welcome to join SVG Rugby at any time to learn aside current players and coaches, to bring back skills and knowledge to share with your students and athletes.

All sports (cricket, netball, football, etc) can benefit from the skill sets taught under the Grassroots Get Into Rugby Programme, and are easily translatable to other sports and students/athletes of all ages, genders, and abilities.

The Get Into Rugby framework focuses on fundamental skills that are not only applicable to rugby, but most other sports, including: running, jumping, throwing, catching, kicking and hand-eye coordination.

Overseas and Local Rugby Coaches

SVG Rugby is always looking to grow and expand Rugby in St. Vincent.

SVG Rugby is seeking qualified rugby coaches to accomplish our two-pronged goal of:

  1. Growing the game among our youth through the IRB Get Into Rugby Programme;

  2. Developing our existing national team players through building skills and knowledge competence, conditioning and fitness, tactical and game awareness and overall attitude.

Opportunities exist for coaches interested in helping us achieve both objectives through a long term contract as Head Coach and Youth Programme Coordinator as well as shorter contracts focusing solely on national team development.


Administrative Opportunities

SVG Rugby is always in need of enthusiastic persons to help spread the administrative work load.  Opportunities are available for persons with typing and computer skills as well as business interests/backgrounds, to assist the Executive Board with the following Roles:

  • Secretary

  • Programme Coordinator

  • Recruitment

  • Fundraising/Event Planning