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SVG Rugby was established in 1998 and gained full World Rugby membership in 2003. 

SVG Men's National Team is rated 79th in the World.

SVG Women's team is rated in the top 10 in the North Americas for participation in the Girls into Rugby programme. An amazing feat for such a small nation.

It hosted the first qualifying match for the World Cup, Japan 2019. The World Cup toured the islands together with the World's top rugby referee Nigel Owens.

Presently, SVG Rugby has four Clubs: three on mainland, and one in Canouan, one of the Grenadine Islands.

The sport of rugby has been steadily growing in St. Vincent over the past few years, and is currently on a recruitment drive for men, women and youth players, coaches and volunteers. 


It is also actively working with the Government on a programme to support individuals who have found themselves in the court system, as an alternative to a custodial sentence.