Rugby Development Officer and National Coach

SVG Rugby Union



St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a small island nation in the Eastern Caribbean with a population of approximately 110,000.  There is a high level of athleticism and raw talent and sports play an important role in Vincentian society and culture, with the most prominent sports being cricket, athletics, football and netball. With recent grassroots programmes, tennis and swimming have also gained popularity among the youth. With the prevalence of unemployment amongst ages 18-24 (approximately 40%), the government is keen to support new initiatives involving sports, which can give youth opportunities for an alternative future.


Rugby was introduced in 1998 and full World Rugby membership was attained in 2003. Our Governing body for the region is Rugby America’s North (RAN) who operates under the authority of World Rugby. After an initial bout of success and achievements, there has been a steady decline in interest, mainly due to a lack in voluntary support. A new Executive Committee was elected in 2014 and had the same initial growth, introducing the “Get into Rugby” programme into schools, but it still remains a struggle to recruit volunteers to run the Union and various initiatives. The Unions Executive has no paid roles, only voluntary.


A few of the founding players remain active in rugby, however, as the team ages it is imperative to recruit new members, particularly youth.  The senior team focuses on 15-a-side from January-June and 7-a-side from June-December, while the youth focuses mainly on 7s, as it is more feasible having smaller teams with limited resources.  7s can easily be adapted to 15s as recruitment and resources expand. Currently, only a 7s league is active, this is mainly because logistically it is difficult for players to attend with transportation being an issue.


With help from an annual development grant from World Rugby, the Union is able to employ a development coordinator (Youth Programme Coordinator/ Coach) who also covers as coach for National training. It also allows for 1 local member of staff as an Assistant. The role covered by the grant is a combined position of Youth Programme Coordinator/ Coach, and to-date we’ve welcomed 6 coaches in to the position. Every coach has brought something to the Union and every coach has had their struggles. Some of the struggles include: working in the heat, being home sick, living on a low income, motivating self to work in unstructured hours, coordinating local staff, difficulty socializing and making new friends, understanding a very different infrastructure and adapting to a different lifestyle and culture.




The main objective will be to work alongside the Executive Committee to support the development of rugby in St. Vincent. The coach will be responsible for 5 key areas. 


  • The coach will be fully responsible for executing and developing the Get into Rugby Programme with the assistance of a local assistant coach. This includes;

    1. Planning, organizing, implementing and sustaining the rugby sessions at the agreed and selected schools (this includes adding/changing selected schools).

    2. Organising and running two inter-school fun days for the primary schools; one at the beginning of December held outside of school hours, one in may/June held during school hours.

    3. Monthly reporting: enter activity logs online at the RAN portal, monitor the activity reports entered by assistant coaches and complete monthly KPIs by 26th of each month.

    4. Managing, monitoring and training local coaching assistants.


  • The coach will be responsible for the planning and execution of GIR Impact events outside of the schools.  These are to be conducted monthly collaborating with other organisations/associations/groups etc to spread the word of rugby.

  • The coach will be responsible for working towards re-establishing women’s rugby by planning and executing a recruitment programme.

  • The coach will be responsible for reporting to SVG RU Executive board progress of each programme, both formally and informally.  Furthermore, as mandated by World Rugby, the coach is responsible for submitting monthly KPI reports and activity reports after each session.

  • The coach will be fully responsible for planning, organizing and conducting the National Team training plan.  This is expected to consist of 2-3 weekly national training sessions.  The national team training plan should complement the domestic team training plan.


Qualifications and Experience
  • Level 2 coaching certificate

  • Minimum of 2 years coaching experience, especially with young children. 

  • Clean Police Record

  • Clean Drivers License


Prospective Coaches must have a mature, positive personality and an ability to operate in a very different cultural setting with people of all educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. The perfect traits for the role include:

  • A self motivator who isn’t afraid of long hours or hard work

  • Fun and out-going personality who enjoys working with both adults and children

  • A proactive approach to obstacles that occur in a developing country




The contract will be for an initial 6-month period




$1,000EC per month plus accommodation


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